The Thistle & Bee Tradition

Thistle & Bee maintains a longstanding reputation in the design and global manufacture of sterling silver. Established in 1998 to fill a niche for high quality, luxury sterling silver jewelry, Thistle & Bee epitomizes classical elegance, bringing unique design and luxury to the Sterling Silver arena.

Timely and Timeless Design

As the cornerstone of the Thistle & Bee Collection, Sterling Silver allows us freedom of creativity in terms of texture, shape and dimension. Our clean, unique and elegantly executed designs range from bold statements pieces to simple everyday styles. Each timeless design gives beauty a form that is eminently wearable and uniquely Thistle & Bee.

Purveyor of Excellence – A Sterling Reputation

At Thistle & Bee, we take great pride in our fine craftsmanship and careful attention to detail. Whether it is a sterling silver woven cuff, a signature clasp or a multi-dimensional design, Thistle & Bee craftsman are meticulous in their attention to details, finishing and design ingenuity. By overseeing the entire manufacturing process and adhering to the same exceptional standards that many centuries old brands have done, Thistle & Bee provides the finest in luxury and quality in their sterling silver designs.

Global Style

"A simple detail can become an enduring statement" Inspirations for Thistle & Bee designs may come from the richness of antiquities happened upon in Marchés aux Puces in Paris or among the bamboo forests of the Far East. The Thistle & Bee design team travels the world in search of those simple details that will inspire the next signature collection.

Patterns and textures have always been an important source of inspiration. From the nodules on a bamboo branch to the intricate ruffles on a luxurious high-collared blouse – Thistle & Bee carefully translates the most intricate details into signature designs and enduring statements in sterling silver.

Collection Examples